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I stumbled on this book awhile ago in our Library. A gift from my in laws to Chad and his ex-wife Linda. The book is crisp and untouched. I've read chunks of chapters here and there and always tabbed with a mental note that I should completely read it someday...when I found that thing..that magical thing called "extra free time".

Well, I've made an effort to carry the book with me the past couple of days. Now that the Captain is enrolled part time in Montessori school there might be that extra free time I've been looking for.

Instead of sporadically reading (which I am notorious for) I've began reading the book from the beginning...the first chapter, novel idea, I know. But anyways, I am definitely intrigued. And will keep reading. It's stemmed some real core questions that may call for additional research.

I believe in astrology- further than just the romance of it "Ayurvedic" ...I'm curious to see what the fundamentals are  all about.

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