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Release thru journaling...

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It's true. I'm stressed out...Arlin slept a crazy amount of hours. And I sat close to his room and doodled in my journal to pass the time. I felt depressed...

I dropped Arlin off to school yesterday morning a few minutes later than usual. I said my goodbyes and headed to the gym for some treadmill running/training. I wasn't even 5 miles away when I got the phone call from Bergamo Academy that Arlin was injured. Once again he fell and hit his head on something (this is twice in one week?!). This time they advised me to come pick him up, as they thought he needed medical assistance.

I don't think I've ever driven that fast anywhere with such intent.

I needed to see Arlin, hold him and make him better.

When I walked into the toddler classroom he was in "normal" Arlin spirits, but I wasn't fooled by his demeanor, he clearly needed to go to the doctor. One, to make sure he didn't have a concussion (he had quite the egg on his upper right side forehead) and Two, to see if he needed some stitches, after all his forehead was open.

Indeed Arlin Jack needed stitches. I begged for the resident doctor to use glue stitches if she thought we could get away with them, she was about to give him two old fashion stitches and I thought for sure Arlin would scar, well... that and I just knew I'd faint right there in the doctor's office if that's the route we were about to go down.- It's true, I'm such a sissy wimp when it comes to injuries, I will never be a nurse or a doctor in another life! (if there is one)

I need to breathe. Right? It's called being a Mom to a...BOY...Right?!

Or did we jump the gun on sending our little guy to Montessori school?

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