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Bouledogue Français...


Our French Bulldog. Otis.

With a drum roll... Please, let me formally introduce him by his registered name...

"Reverend Otis Maxximus"

(yes-the papers read all three names and Maxximus it's spelled with (2) x's!)

Although we once gave  Otis a proper name...round her' he goes by the following in any given order, on any given day; The Preacher, Otie, Odisious, Odisatva, Gucci Maxximus ( a nickname in which he acquired after eating a pair of Chad's sunglasses) Lamb Chop, and let's just say the other beloved nicknames aren't clean enuf for my friendly blog viewers.

Painting of Otis

I have an ultimate vision for this painting, I swear I do. It's just going to take time. Like all the other bizillion and one projects I have started around the house. It's no wonder I ever finish anything. I wish there were like 12 more hours in a day...and that espresso could be intravenous. Wouldn't that just be great? O.k. maybe not the healthiest. But, uh never mind.

O.k. so my short lived vision for this unfinished painting of Rev. Otis is first, obviously to complete the painting part as well as add some more  fine art details, then frame it in a VERY gaudy, heavy, aged-gold, over embellished frame... You know something you'd imagine perched high on the wall in King Edward VII's Marlborough House, or maybe his Sandringham Home on the countryside?!

Funny thing is Otis has some history in his blood and it's been entertaining to say the least to dabble into our dog's heritage and Russian bloodline.

Not sure where in our home this piece will hang...but it's going up- don't worry your pretty little face.

Painting of Otis...

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