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Alley Cat...

1 dumpster diving treasure finds

I've been down and out the majority of the weekend. Retarded with allergies from who knows where.  I came home from picking up Arlin at school on Friday...I  was overly excited with the sunny warm weather outside.  After I put him down for a nap I walked over to the bicycle shop on Pearl Street and got one of the jogger tire tubes replaced-it was a total doozey...after I'd filled her up numerous times with Chad's air compressor... it just collapsed again.  $14 bucks later I had a new tire tube and a geared up jogger all ready. Waiting for Arlin to wake up I became supercharged for my run... I knew I had to beat my last scheduled training run time and distance of almost 4 miles.

Tonight I calculated the distance of my run using the site from Carol (the super nice gal from the dentist office- who cleaned my pearly whites)

Yeah...Papa calls me a retard.

I jumped way too far in distance. Following my marathon training schedule I should just now be getting cozy with 4 miles maybe 4.25 miles (and that's pushing it)....Ugh....I ran 7.35 miles pushing the Captain in the jogger. Maybe this is what brought on my allergies?! Maybe I'm allergic to running. ha.... Won't stop me! I may be far from 26.2 miles- but I have a whole lot of heart and I will succeed!


Sweet finds at a local thrift store Friday afternoon... I'm having so much fun with these vintage goodies. I Googled em' and found them both on antique book sale site for $24 bucks and higher. I paid a meek $1.49 for each. love it.


The journal I ordered has arrived...a bit smaller than desired, but she's still a beaut-Y and already the key holder of six journal entries.


Hence the "Alley Cat" blog title...I found these in the dumpster (our alley dumpster) I was  totally flipping through them right there in the alley way, in broad day light (ain't no shame to my game!)...then figured I outta at least rummage through the waste in the privacy of my own home... not gonna lie, I totally rubbernecked first see that NO one witnessed my alley cat five-finger sale.


Oh, my how times have changed. Is this magazine totally dating myself or what?! O.k. now I'm gonna date myself for sure- I was born about a month and a half after this was published. I got a hearty chuckle out of the advertisements in this leaflet...and the pricing, wow. Not talking about yarn or even plants but...Remember you could buy an ice cream cone at Thrifty's drugstore on the way to the bus stop for a mere 89 cents. And that's for a triple scoop! Although I never officially finished a triple scoop (it always melted all over my hands)  but I just couldn't resist picking out a combo of my three favorite ice creams...Hmm, cookies n' cream, mint n' chip, rainbow sherbet, rocky road, black-cherry, pistacihio nut...there were so many to choose from! Yum.

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