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3/8 cuts for Pamaw...

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insert uncontrollable laugh *here*

Mom, sorry I meant to call you and then got totally side tracked- it's easy to do these days. This picture is just today's picked up goodies (the ones I emailed you about from my i-phone while in court this morning-ya' it went better than I thought, woo hoo.) So, I've managed to cover the entire bed in the guest bedroom of awesome find fabrics. I believe I just might have mastered hitting all the local hot spots around Denver bi-weekly if not weekly for more loot.

I've designed a patchwork quilt layout (following the "Quinny" blanket measurements) and cut almost two blanket designs out...these bad mama jamma's will be shipped to you shortly! Dust her off (that lovely sewing machine of yours) we've been waiting for you to land back in AZ. Yay.


Newest addition to the Wu Casa...gotta take a moment to brag about my frugal finds. Design on a dime, literally.  Total for this window treatment (one tab/button top panel 42"wide x 87" long, tassel(totally cool looking), and one bronze drapery rod) = $13.97

The sun has been pouring in through these doors lately. Daily I pass them making a mental note (like the million other mental notes I'm saving for that one rainy day) that I should do something sooner than later or our dining room table is going to age...and NOT like fine wine in this case. So yesterday and today with a couple different stops around town I managed to get the look I had in my head (still showing off the original doors I love) and was tickled pink even more so by the price tag. So was Papa.


Sneak Peek...she's not finished just yet. But my watercolors are working marvelously in my new journal.

Love you Mom...goodnight!

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  • Pamaw on

    I’m ready………..bring it on!!!!!!! Call me before you mail so we can discuss a few details.

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