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The weekend has come and gone my dear friends and I'm Ka....put. Whipped. Tired. Ready to meet the pillow fairies. This weekend was full, emotional at moments however eventful. Friday we watched an awesome flick called "Young @ Heart" that we've had in queue waiting for Miss Stella to be here to watch with us. You should check out the trailer. It was a real tear jerker. (I am so fortunate were headed to California next month to see Grandma Ruby and Grandpa Tom.)


crazy girls bakin' cookies.


Stella had a few tricks up her sleeve with those heart shaped cookie cutters! Yep, she showed me a few new ideas and ways to get creative. We had fun experimenting with sprinkles too. Later after Arlin went to sleep we played one of Stella's favorite games from X-Mas called "Blokus" with Papa and ate too much candy... and we got a little silly...we also got Otis all wound up till he pee'd on the floor, oops!

game over.tee he! (it was way past bedtime anyways)


card I finished up this weekend  to give the in-laws today for Valentines Day...

We ate brunch at Grandma and Grandpa Larsen's this afternoon and got the opportunity to meet two of their really nice friends Bill and Stephanie Birdsall. Bill was the founder of  Ticket Master in 1976 and Stephanie is a very talented oil and pastel artist. I thought they were interesting to say the least (they're  from Arizona too) Surprised to hear they had never been to visit Bisbee, I told them it was a must since they live so close. Chad and I want to go back one day and check out the old notoriously known haunted hotel that's right in the center of town.

Buenos Noches Amigos!

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