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Busy bee...

Baby Lux Business heart tattoo onesie Personal


Rise and shine Bugaboo it's time to get to school...

This morning was an adventure let me tell you! I ran out to scrape the snow of the windshield and start the car. Arlin was at his little table finishing his breakfast...Upon my two minute return he was standing in front of the pantry spice cabinet with a funny look on his face. Picture this; with a child safety lock on the cabinet door Mr. Mischievious managed to squeeze his little paw through prolly' an inch and half gap and grab a "Knorr Chicken Boullion" box and munch a big bite out of one of the cubes! (yuk) With a funny look on his face a scrunchy nose and orange stained cheeks he stands there laughing (and coughing) as he watches me go into a shear panic...Omg! I thought...can you O.D. on chicken boullion??!! Can you overload on msg??!...I grabbed the box to read all the ingredients. I didn't see anything abnormal... I jumped on the computer and googled "Chicken Boullion overdose!" hahha...pretty funny right?! My research was a dead end because chx boullion is pretty harmless other than giving you a tummy ache. He was fine...we were off to school... I swear this kid is going to give me a heart attack before I'm 32.


I love snow in the morning...this is our front yard at 8:15am.


Drop the Captain off at school...then head to Starbucks for a morning cup of fuel...lord only knows I'm gonna need it today! I chatted with Papa to fill him in on the morning fun and uploaded a new pick of the week song.


dashed home to finish sewing the Lux label inside the onesie...


Added the Lux ribbon tag...


this design is a little different then the last one...but then again, NO two onesies are alike! (I freehand each one)

Once the onesie was ready to go I ran it over to Polkadot and dropped it off. She was really happy with it. I was glad I got it finished today it lifted a little weight lifted off my shoulders.

Next it was time to run some last minute errands and pick up the necessities for "Girls Night!" With Chad out of town, I invited seven girlfriends over for a little Valentines Day celebration. I cooked tapas, dinner and a yummy dessert for everyone.

  • First I ran to the local thrift store to hunt down a vintage looking white table cloth, (I had an old creamy color lace one in mind) But with no luck, and the clock ticking I found a true white, stain free (&) cheap one- it did the job.
  • Then I ran to Whole Foods to pick up some aged Gouda,crackers and Roma tomatoes, oh, and  some fresh blackberries for the dessert I wanted to experiment with. I needed vanilla bean ice cream too...but I was inching upon noon and had to pick up the Captain from school- didn't want to push my luck and have it melt on me!
  • Picked up Arlin from school at noon...& his teacher tells me he's been crying off and on all day and tugging at his head. He was fussy when I held him and put him in the car. Worried again about the darn chicken bouillon cube I called the pediatrician and arranged for the next available appointment @ 2pm.
  • Came home, put Arlin down for a nap...and began cleaning the house! Cleaning up my crafting workspace was probably the biggest feat...I've been on a creative rampage :)
  • Took Arlin to the doctor. Confessed about the boullion cube and explained about his tugging on his head and right ear.  Also explained that I didn't think the two were related but -hey- you never know. The doctor laughed hysterically about the boullion consumption and said other than giving him gas she wasn't worried about it. She checked his ears...right was fine...left was infected. Antibiotic perscription written and we were dismissed.
  • Off to the grocery store to fill Arlin's perscription and pick up the ice cream I still needed! I had half the mind to get another Bucky's...I had so much more to do for tonight- and I was losing steam fast!
  • Back home played with Arlin for a bit, made him dinner, gave him a bath and his medicine, then set up the pack in play in our masterbedroom so Arlin wouldn't wake with us having dinner, put him down for the night. Took a shower and got ready in the dark.
  • 7:30 everyone arrives and I'm cooking like a mad woman. Lots of wine, good conversation and great food...I'll post pictures! (and menu too :))

You think this blog is long....Wednesday was the longest day in history for Mama!

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  • abby on

    had so much fun! can’t wait to do it again. . .

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