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How Mama aka Lux Wu spread a little a little Love this Valentines Day!


hand made card I sent my Mom and Pops in AZ ...along with a big box of fabrics to put my Mom to work...I'm quite sure it's like a sweat shop at her house as we speak. I'll probably have a box on my doorstep with three finished baby blankets tomorrow morning knowing her!


handmade card for Papa...inside writing (highly confidential mushy stuff!)


unfinished character...but the inspiration for Stella Vita's Valentines present from me...


I painted this for Miss Stella Vita to bring up with me to her Valentines Day party yesterday at school. I left it in the car, cause I didn't want it to be a distraction from her party. So, I gave it to her in the car after the party on the way to drop her off with her Mom. Stella was really excited about it, making it all worth while for me. I think I'm going to add more color to it. I rushed it to finish it...but this little hoot needs a lot more color :)

Happy Valentines Day!

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