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On girl's night, last Wednesday,  Miss Abby Jane was in attendance. We always connect in one way or another. But this time around Abby brought me a handful of zerox copies of excerpts from her art therapy class she is currently taking (so smart I tell ya')  I took them to the gym and read them while I was cycling...about the only workout I can jam out and still focus on something. When I run, I run...and about the only thing I can do is listen to music at a volume level I'm sure is ear- drum damaging...

Anywho...I thought a number of what she gave me was so cool... It reminded me I used to like getting smart. That I am an artist. I search to find inspiration and I feel good inside when I inspire others. Authenticity, you must put forth an effort to be creative. I love reading words like....ego...workspace... desire...uninhibited....words that make me wanna read more.

I think I'm gonna buy the book.

Thank you Abby!

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  • michelle allen on

    thank you for stopping by my blog! what marathon are you training for? are you using a schedule currently?

  • Lux Wu on

    Marathons on the plate…which one will I be ready is my worry…Fort Collins in May or Steamboat in June???
    I have training schedules laid out and this far I’ve been pretty disciplined on my own but I have not yet started a 16 week regime. I suppose it would help if I committed to a race! :)scary.

  • Lux Wu on

    or wait maybe the colfax marathon…it’s close to home!

  • abby on

    yey! i thought you could appreciate them! they totally helped broaden my mind! i have another one from my art theory and criticism i think you and chad might enjoy too, it’s about computers, ways of working, how simulations reflect real life. how thinking outside the box in science isn’t always wrong, (specifically computer science) that there is room for creativity in it. i have no idea how chads brain works on computers but it might give him a creative burst of energy. who knows he may have already read it.

    about navie’s. . . i can go but i wanna check what they are getting into. i’m not sure if i wanna go to a strip club, it causes way to much drinking on my part.

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