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Something blue...

blue chair creative journal page Journal Pages Running


I had to have it.


something blue...(it doesn't even match our kitchen?!)


but I love it.


today's  journal entry.

This is my story...I pick the colors and I draw the lines...

I started off feeling a little sluggish this morning. I was restless last night. My mind was surfing the wasteful. It took me a little extra time to unwind. And a little meditation, focusing on my life... and what's under my roof when I lay my head to rest...these things are what truly make me at peace.  But I suppose it's human nature (or my nature for that matter) to want to fix the holes. But that would be like building Rome in a day. Life just doesn't work that way.

Nothing a good cup of coffee, Eskimo kisses from the Captain on the way to school and a trip to the gym couldn't shake off! I cycled 13 mi. and ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill. (Thank you Pandora for being my co-pilot!) So, I'm starting to think a triathlon would be easy peasy...I mean I have no interest in swimming...but in my researching there are; run/cycle/run dual-athlons...Cause running 26.2 miles straight... it's tough guy stuff. But I'm on peanut butter on Jelly, swear.

Willpower, never underestimate it.

This is MY story...I pick the colors and I draw the lines.


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  • abby on

    you’re crazy! in a totally good way but makes me feel pretty lazy.

  • abby on

    oh and i love the little houses!

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