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Another day...

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Not the most attractive, but running shoes in general aren't the snazziest. However, these are the right size and comfy, comfy.


today's journal entry...


Thought about this journal entry while running this morning.

Today was suppose to be an off day, so I only ran 3.5 miles to warm up then lifted upper body. I am trying to stay disciplined by keeping weight resistance in my training regiment. It does make a difference (for me at least) when I run, I notice I am able to have better posture (which lord only knows I need all the help I can get in this department) and I don't strain my back or neck as much if I stay on top of lifting the appropriate weights.

Anyways, about my journal entry... Good ol' Indiana...the midwest, all that great comfort food and most importantly remembering all those special visits to grandma and grandpa's. Here are the things I remember about Indiana; The sweet white corn, I could eat it for days and never complain. It grew fresh on my grandparents property on the lake, I could pick my very own and even help grandma cook it... Catching Fireflies in the front yard on sweltering hot summer days, I was so perplexed by these creatures that I wanted to be one...just for a day I thought it would be so cool to have "glow powers". I remember huge fresh cut peony flowers I swear, all you needed was one cut stem and it filled any space in a vase- granny always had flowers in little white vases round the kitchen...made the house feel like a home.

I suppose I'm excited about visiting my granny and gramps...only this time around it's to California and with Arlin Jack in tow...


I think she just might be my new hero.


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