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The first Sharpie Pen.

If  you don't have one should get one.

I love a good pen. And I gotta tip my hat to Sharpie on this's everything they advertise and then some. It doesn't bleed through paper, dries quickly and doesn't smudge.

I ran 6 miles fast paced this morning. Then took a trip to Runners Roost to pick up some new insoles for my new kicks which were like running on marsh-mellows! so happy. I'm just hoping the insoles will be the same story,I bought a different brand than my old ones which were too small and bugging the underneath of my toes. I also lucked out on clearance Pearl Izumi runner tank in army green w/ pink stitching!

I've narrowed down with plenty of online research a training schedule that I've committed to logging my weekly miles. Although I'm already pacing myself in the week 7 or 8  zone of a 19 week schedule...I've done a lot of soul searching about all this madness.. I know I'm fired with excitement to accomplish this goal- However, I'm in no hurry to injure myself. You must have the appropriate gear, mindset, willpower, diet (which I'm mapping out next) etc. You don't just say your going to run a marathon. Duh.

Broadcasting it to all of you...Was the hardest step. I'm in, now I have to align my next several weeks for success. The ultimate goal is to properly train following a set regiment and complete a race in 2009.

Btw...BabyLux business update!

My awesome Mom, Yes, she is a little crazy. I jokingly said her turn around time would be record setting and of course a box (vacuum packed!) arrived on my doorstep this afternoon with 4 new baby blankets. All the fabrics I recently shipped her (the fabric pics I  posted on here) Well, I sent them to her just last week, for her to sew stroller balnkets we designed through emails and the tele...She is a rockstar...she added her special touch with quilting details...and well, I'll let the pictures I take tomorrow do all the talking! (love you Mom)

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  • michelle allen on

    love your journal pages. congrats on committing to your first marathon! :) you’ll love it. (it is your first correct?)

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