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Little art...

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A little art. A little inking and a little watercolor. All...good for the soul. Chad and I have talked about me writing my own font forever. Finally Chad printed out the templates for me to get started. I got a jump start on it tonight. I'm so excited...I'm thinking we'll use my font in some of the new website design...

Today was a little off pace. Arlin Jack was home sick and in need of a little extra t.l.c. It seems since we enrolled our little guy in Montessori school mid January, he's been a little sniff-ely, snotty and sometimes feverish. Today with no appetite and a 102 fever after his nap, I ran him to the docs. I was mostly worried about his ears. But they both were fine. We did just finish a round of antibiotics...go figure he now has a fever?!

After our visit to the doctors I went to Vitamin Cottage and picked up a bottle of Acidophilus Pro -96. My mother n-law first told me about it and since I've done a little research. I figure it can't hurt to try and help build his immune system, after the antibiotics have diminished even the good bacteria with the bad.

Ugh...I hate it when my little guy doesn't feel well.

It makes everything 'round here a little slow.

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  • abby on

    dude, tell me about the constant snot! i know it’s building the ol’ immune system but it sucks! love the trees :)

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