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You gotta laugh...I did.

Today I was at the gym and I was totally sidetracked watching some dumb talk show on one of the television's in the womens locker room while getting changed after my workout.

Wow, there are some really mindless talk shows on these days. I'm not missing much by not watching the t(ime)v(acuum).

Anyways, I couldn't tell you how... OR why... I just now noticed that my gym lock- key chain is of all things a "doughnut" I think it's really funny. 'Cause I have no recollection of who or how it got on that key...ha. What would you think if you saw some girl walking around the gym with a doughnut key chain hanging off her water bottle?

....that chick has some issues!?

hahaha...funny (or maybe I just have issues)

How 'bout...this one...



Obama and change already won...and you feel the need to scratch off my non-republican of you...Not so funny buddy. It's actually kind of sad.



Sign Reads;      "It's an Angry Whopper"

Uh??? What? Did I miss a commercial somewhere? I don't get it.

"It's an angry world? maybe? hmmm..... I laughed anyways.

And this;

I got a good chuckle reading this bumper sticker today...on the back of a rough and tough looking Bronco


I still find bumper stickers in general to be kind of odd. The whole notion of advertising everything on your shirt sleeve kinda deal, but then again I don't wear clothing with words or visible labels ie.) a shirt that says BEBE... or anything with a saying on it...Even if the saying is cool, I don't do message tee shirts.

I only have one sticker on my car and look what happens to it. Yeah I guess you could say I'm pretty perturbed about it. It's exactly what Chad predicted would happen if I put the sticker on my car. I laughed at him then, now look...I told him it was prolly him who did it-(I was totally joking!)

Maybe the car wash did it...yeah, that's what I'm going to tell myself. It's an angry whopper NOT an angry world..

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