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Pretty in white...

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widescreenibmOh, how I loved you Think Pad...your keyboard was really something else I tell ya'...But Microsoft Windows has got- ta' GO!

Say,bye, bye.

macbookAin't she pretty?!

The Larsen household has surrendered to the MAC-attack!

It's true...I was the last soldier standing with an IBM in hand till tonight.  Sadly, with Chad in Seattle the last few nights and my computer freeze-breakdown, lock up...whatever the hell you wanna call the lameness has fried my patience. Good riddance!

Chad is so happy I'm crossing over to the "other side" as he calls it...(funny- when we first met I had a Mac and he had the IBM) Anyways, the change is ALL good!

I have been on a crafting, I have so many pictures to post...I've almost finished up four hand painted baby onesies- a couple new designs for the webstore, a custom order going with me to California. (yay- I am getting really excited about my trip, it's been long overdue) I've also handmade some new glass magnet collections that will also be added to the web store and of course doodle-a-doodles in the ole' journal.

I took a Pilates class yesterday with Lola... she is safely back from Argentina...I missed my gym buddy! I was taken back by the classroom size and I underestimated the strength needed to properly do each routine the teacher instructed. She focused on the center core/pelvis and balance of the body. Which is great, I finally feel confident enough to really exercise my tummy muscles after having Arlin Jack by C-section. That...and lord only knows I could use a little "zen" in my daily physical routines...I can enjoy Pilates on my off running days.

I ran 6 miles this morning fast paced...I broke my 5k time and I'm pretty happy about that.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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