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picture of us from Saturday when we took the kids to a Disney event downtown Denver...


journal entry...

I wish I could say I was ready for our trip to California this Friday, but I'm not. I guess it's one of the more lacking characteristics of myself... Yep, just call me queen bee, Ms. Procrastination!

Chad and I talked about the possibility of bringing head phones on the airplane to see if Arlin would watch one of his Eebee videos my mom bought's laughable, cause I don't think he'll wear anything on his noggin', it's like pullin' hair to even get him to keep a stocking cap on when it's snowing outside.

Our last trip to Florida with the Captain in tow was a real pickle of a treat. Not so sweet. I'm saving all my good thoughts to cash in for a happier flight this time around. And I'm already smiling that Chad will be flying with me both ways...flying with the Captain by myself lugging all his gear is just stressful!

Do you notice the hidden tiger on the journal page?


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  • abby on

    love your california dreamin’. . . we just watched a documentary about the monterey pop festival, watching the mama’s and the papa’s sing about california dreaming. . . if you have a break tomorrow (Wed) and feel like hanging after nap time lemme know.

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