Running, running the loop -

the Loop...


All geared up ready to go for a run this afternoon...well, so I thought. I started pushing Arlin down our front walk way and thought the trailer had a funny lean. Yes indeedy, once again another flat tire! Argh. I just got one fixed couple weeks ago. It's those darn thorns on the trail at Wash Park. I had half the mind to turn around and lounge in our back yard and enjoy some sunbathing...but I'm glad I took a little detour to the local bike store and got a new inner tube (thorn resistant) put in. We now only have one more tire to pop!

I ran about 8 miles. It felt great. My right foot bugged a little, thought something was underneath my toes towards the tail end. Maybe my sock seam? 

That, and I'm convinced someone is sneaking the Captain some Bacconaise (there is such a thing my friends it was on the Daily Show- no joke) He felt heavier than normal in the jogger. But I figure he'll only help me with my endurance.

 And of course I had another crazy allergy attack when I finished. It was so weird. I was totally fine when I stopped running,I stretched my leg- a- roos, checked my time, then right as a bent upside down to talk to the Captain- bang! The allergy attack slapped me in the face! I must have sneezed 20 times ( a real ab workout, let me tell you) What is it at Wash Park that does this to me?! It's probably one of my all time favorite places to run, especially with Arlin cause there is so much for him to check out. I've always had allergies..but never like this?? Further investigation needed because I'll be super bummed if I can't run the loop!

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