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Creative Journal entry from today.

A collage I'm dedicating to the process of letting go of my "inner ego."

A reminder to keep (in my 2009 journal) To try and focus on creating with true expression and most importantly...freedom from any inhibitions.

Some of the text I used in this entry came from the excerpts Abby gave me to read from her Art therapy class. Published in the book she shared with me, titled; "Trust the Process" by Shaun Mc Niff ( yes, the book I'm ordering through Amazon)

I'm glad I got to hang with Palmer Sioux and Abby today. We took the boys to the neighborhood park in the Radio Flyer wagon, then hung for a bit with my next door neighbor Amy and her girls (whom Arlin crushes on every time he sees them!) and chatted about Yoga.

I physically rested today. I created. I enjoyed the sunshine with friends and I even worked on some Baby Lux business. I couldn't have asked for a better Wednesday.

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  • michelle allen on

    LOVE this! it’s beautiful!!!!

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