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"Tiki Tot"





"Aloha Monkey"

These are the onesies I was busy working on last week. But I couldn't post pictures just yet because two went as gifts to California. I gave the top two along with a basket of goodies for Christi at her baby shower. The Aloha Monkey was an order purchased by my step Mom for one of her clients in Hawaii who's expecting a baby girl soon.

I am wrapping up a new design tonight...something I thought I'd drop off to Polkadot for Easter. I'll post pictures just as soon as I finish the lettering, hopefully tomorrow!

Brrr it's cold! I have been chilly all day even dressed in warm clothes. It was bitter sweet to unpack my sandals and put em' in the closet today. :( I was going to do my daily run outside, but opted to head to the gym after I saw the channel 9 news billboard downtown on my way to drop Arlin off to school this morning...18 degrees, yikes that's cold after being in Cali all weekend!

I thought I'd be slow running today, but oddly enough my body was ready to pick back up right where I left off in my workout/running routine. I ran a fast pace 4.5 miles then did some other plyometrics focusing on my upper body/arms and balance strengthening my knees & ankles.

I'm writing a nutritional plan to go along with this whole running goal...I think I'm going to have to set my phone alarm to remind myself to stop and eat/snack...I'm so bad....when I get  going on a project or with Arlin I forget to fuel my body!




  • abby

    i know it’s chilly! i was going to go run this morning but i’m waiting for it to warm up. yes yes you’ve inspired me, but i’m not going to be running a marathon anytime soon. i’m working on 2 – 3 miles of consistent running!

  • abby

    oh and loved the tiki tot! very cute

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