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Good day

Baby Lux Business hand painted i dig chicks onesie Running


"i dig chicks"

New design: size 18 months Buy here... @ Polkadot 

or email me for another size request!

What a great day! I'm finally sitting down for the first time! Busy, busy...I talked to Arlin's Montessori teacher this morning when I dropped him off about the art in their classroom or should I say the lack of art. Arlin's in a new classroom and since the school is relatively new all the classroom environments have yet to be decorated. I offered to donate a painting and Mrs. Lindsay (the Captain's teacher) was so thrilled! She was very expressive about what she wanted for the the music area wall. So, it looks like I'll be dreaming of music instruments for the next couple of nights...hmmm Violin's, guitars, trumpets, saxophones...what will I paint?

I had an awesome run this morning. 6.5 miles on the treadmill. 

Then I did a little shopping and got Stella a new down comforter. It's Ralph Lauren, a plaid in super bright colors- turquoise, red, lime green- it's super cute. I saw a little hula girl print fabric I think I might just have to buy a few yards and sew up some new throw pillow covers for her to jazz up the ensemble. I also scored a new rug for the kitchen and new BCBG swimsuit cover up for $7 bucks...gotta love Ross!

Tonight at 5pm I headed back to the gym to attend a half marathon training workshop. I was doubtful, to be honest, I'm always doubtful about trainers that work in the gym. (it's a long story) but bless my hubbies heart he found the info for the event, thought I should check it out and dedicated the time to wrap up work early and take care of Arlin.  So, I wasn't going to pass on some "me" time!

When I got to the gym I was the only one in attendance besides an elder, very out of shape man named Joe. I thought to myself just ask for the marathon training schedule print out and leave, you've already worked out today, this is gonna be a joke. Then the other part of me said to just be open minded and see if I learn something new.

I'm glad I gave it a shot. The trainer running the workshop I actually found to be quite impressive. He knew the lingo and had a run track record himself to back it up. After asking me about my goals and my partner in crime "Old Joe's" was obvious Ol' Joe read the flyer wrong...he wanted to learn how to climb a mountain?! No I'm not kdding...Next thing you know I'm the only one there for the 3 hr. workshop...carry on, please. 

I left the gym very sweaty! I'm sure I'll have trouble walking tomorrow! After a circuit interval of full body weight lifting and 2 minute full sprint runs in between. It was nice to talk to a trained runner who knows not only the mindset of being a runner but the process to train while remaining injury free. I'm naturally doing a lot right on my own, just by following what my body tells me to do. But I'm learning there is always room for growth and improvement. And there are so many questions I want to research the answers for!

I learned a new workout and left with inspiration to push myself a little harder and to be aware of NOT getting too"comfortable" in my own workout routine.

T'was a good day my friends!


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  • Lux Wu on

    This onesie SOLD! Only two days in the Polkadot store front window and it’s gone!
    But not to worry I am quickly painting another…maybe even two of them in varying sizes!
    I’ll post stock a.s.a.p!


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