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In the Groove...



Chad said..."let me take a picture before you go hurt yourself." hahaha not funny.

Sunday was my long run of the week. I needed to run further than 6 miles. I mapped out an alternative route because I didn't want to chance Wash Park again with my allergies. I started at the house headed south to Harvard Gulch then back around to Platt Park north up to Alameda up to Downing and back towards our house....I saw the Radio Flyer wagon was gone from the front porch so I ran over to the park figuring Chad and the kids were over there playin'. 

A friend introduced me to a new site to map my's so much cooler than the one I was using. Check it can login directly from your facebook and share routes with others!

Map my!

I felt so darn accomplished yesterday after my run. I was tickled pink when I mapped my run at almost 9 miles...I remember when running 3 miles felt impossible. I can really feel my body getting into a groove. And man I love running outside! I can run freely with no mind set back about my pacing, not to mention there is tons of stuff to look at and you don't get bored like you do on a treadmill! 

I'm off to the Apple i-phone took a crap on my run yesterday?...I can't live without my phone!

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