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Depeche Mode...



Oh ya! Hubby and I got pre-sale tickets to see Depeche Mode at Red Rocks August 27,2009. Whew tickets were expensive but I'm sure their going to be worth every penny. DP is one of Chad's all time favorite bands, and I've listened to them for years too. Can't wait! Section 1 Row 35!!!! Thought about it on my run this morning...this will be my first concert here in Colorado! 

Marathon prep...I ran Sunday. Cross trained Monday with 3 minute speed treadmill running intervals (suppose to help fasten my pace per mile?!) in between upper body weight lifting. Tuesday ran 7.8 miles around downtown Denver -had more allergies-argh, I've tried the local honey trick my mom kindly shared, it helps a little, but I ended up braking down and buying Claritin yesterday at the drugstore, they say if you are a transplant from another region and different climate your prone to face allergies in your third year- Odd it's my third year here! Wednesday I did some plyometrics -yay jump roping that'll get your heart rate going! Today ran 5k fast pace- under 9 minute miles....and lifted some lower body weights.

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  • abby jane

    i totally thought of chad when i saw that DP was coming. . . how awesome!

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