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1st Mate...


"1st Mate"


new design! available for sale now in my web-store!

Size 9-12 months...


I've been brainstorming care instruction tags. I finally was able to hunt down the font used years ago for the pink horseshoe logo tag you see in the picture above. Believe it or not this was a draft up business card design a friend did for me  when I first launched Lux Interior Design. The design was short lived, although I absolutely loved it, I thought it was a little too juvenile for representation of high end residential design...Who knew it would be SO prefect years later!

As far as branding, I've decided to keep pluggin' along with the custom embroidered houndstooth fabric on the inside of the's sort of my "signature". After all, I  do consider each onesie to be a little piece of my art... so why not keep it organic and hand embroider each tag...Time? you say? Yes, it takes more time, but it's heartfelt and I think worth it.

Always open for comments and feedback is appreciated!

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