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Weekend wrap up!


Confluence Park on Saturday...

I switched my running schedule around to have my long run be on Saturday, so I could enjoy Abby and Kiko's anniversary party on Sunday. I ran from our house down to Evan's then across Santa Fe Dr. overpass and up Platt River trail to Confluence Park and met my boys there for some R.E.I shoppin'! The run was new to me and awesomely scenic. There were cyclist whizzing by constantly offering me inspiration to keep my pace up! 

I met a friend of Abby's on Sunday who is actually a triathlon trainer, and her husband too (who ran the Boulder Boulder in 07' running 7 minute miles the entire race! WOW) So inspiring to chat with people that are into the runner world. We exchanged info, so she could put me in touch with a collegiate of hers whom trains marathoners and he's in Boulder too :).  I think I'm going to get a custom plan written for me to train for the Boulder Marathon. I have confidence in myself to train solo for the Rocky Mountain Half in June but feel I need professional input to make sure I'm on the right track for September.  

Yesterday before we headed over to the Woelfel's I managed to do  some yard work. It's been on my mind every time I pull in the drive way. I was able to rid the front yard of three garbage bags full of dead debris and last night we had a big rain...perfect for the new spring growth...all my flowers are coming back! I'll post some pics...once I get a handle on the pond!

It's spring break for Arlin this week...looking forward to having a change in my schedule and some fun time with the Captain...parks and swimming here we come!

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