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Work in progress...

House Fix Misc. Creations!


The beginning of a new project...I am in the process of hand painting these 6" wood letters to spell...STELLA!


A little Bohemian Love.


Chino panels...a little dressed up...


eight year old...sophisticated chic'!?


I haven't sewn the gerbera daisy on to the tie back yet...but you get the idea, yeah?

Stella called to say "hi" this afternoon. She asked me what I was doing...And I said painting a baby onesie, which was partially true ("I dig chicks" sold! So, I'm in the process of painting (2) more. One is size 9-12 months and the other one is size 18 months) BUT... I was also getting Stella's room ready for tomorrow when she comes to visit us for the weekend. Shhhh it's a surprise. Stella loves surprises, but then again what eight year little girl doesn't right?

Chad and I were suppose to head up to her school for a parent teacher conference, but the meeting was cancelled due to the massive amount of snow Colorado got today. But good news, I was able to squeeze an appointment in to see our chiropractor this afternoon, I was in need of an adjustment and it's just in time for my massage tomorrow night! (HA! Chad lost a bet while back when the San Diego Charger's played the Bronco's...Charger's my old home town team won, and the deal was a massage from Navie- a good friend of mine who has the magical touch!) I am so excited it's literally been almost 3 years since I've had a massage from Navie.

Anyways,  the reason for the latest project and the blue paint all over my hands...I revamping Stella's headquarters here at the house because she has been working hard on her reading (and stuck with the piano lessons-as she promised me) and has shown improvement on her most recent report card. Which makes Chad and I very happy.

I'm hoping she excited...I'm excited...

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