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Family & Friends hand painted House Fix magic erasers Misc. Creations! wood wall letter

eraser_productI just want to give a shout out to my man...Mr. Clean...there is such a thing as "love at first sight"...if you're a Mom, and have never experienced the help of the Mr. Clean Magic yourself a mighty favor and buy a box or two for $6 at your local grocery store!


hand made with love...all six letters.




I added these girlie streamers to the window decor... I think Stella about flipped over her new room. I had Chad stall Stella at the front door yesterday as I was frantically nailing each letter above her bed. I have never seen Stella excited to go to bed, but she sure was chipper to tuck in early last night. The surprise went well.

It's busy at the Larsen household...We made it through 90 percent of our "Honey Do" list. Hoo-ray!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

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