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House Fix Personal roomba


Who's Birthday is it anyways?! Oh, how I adore my husband! And my new RooMba!

roomba530_topviewIt's been an ongoing feat to maintain the Larsen household floors. You can ask anyone how much time I spend vacuuming! It's frightening when your 18 month old mimics you vacuuming at school...


Otis and Miss RommBa getting acquainted...oddly he's not nearly afraid of her as he is the big vacuum. (I may have something to do with that, insert evil laugh *here*)


she's a robot...of course the Captain is mesmerized by her presence!

I stopped by the house yesterday after dropping the Captain off to school and Chad downtown at the courthouse for his begrudged jury duty assignment. I saw a box on the doorstep (Mom-your going to be addicted to this site-trust me!) when I read iRobot/Roomba I seriously squealed like a pig dropping my i-phone and keys in a burst of excitement!

I've been researching many methods and possible ways to keep our slate and wood floors dog hair free- or let me keep it real here...ways to help me minimize the dog hair and crumb droppings!

I have switched out rugs...tried daily sweeping, the "old fashioned way" with a broom and dustpan, I've dedicated time to get Otis groomed at the local groomer on a very regular basis, I've researched the Furminator, I've even thought about shaving Otis bald...setting a new Frenchie trend?! (just kidding you Peta lovers)

Skeptical of the Roomba, I read through hundreds of reviews on her...all with Chad giggling on the inside cause he'd already ordered her...Yes, she's a girl...

& I love her. Seriously, I think we were separated at birth.



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