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Books n' running...




Thanks babe, for picking these finds up at the Denver Library. (I asked Chad to grab me anything he saw on marathon training while he was downtown the other day.)

I've started "Marathoning for Mortals" and I'm having a hard time putting it down... I took it to the gym yesterday trying to challenge myself I guess. It's easy to spot serious runners, and I've always envied this one woman I see at the gym on a regular. She's always running...and she always makes it look so effortless. She even reads magazines and books while she runs on the treadmill for hours. I actually asked her last time I saw her if she was training for a marathon and she said she was- but for an "UltraMarathon"...I nodded like I knew what it was, but had to go home and google it...An ultramarathon is any organized footrace extending beyond the standard marathon running distance of 42 kilometers, 195 meters (26 miles, 385 yards). Ultra races typically begin at 50 kilometers and can extend to enormous distances. There is no limit. Then I googled the races she told me she was running...31 miles on trail! Whoa...I haven't seen her since, as I'm sure she's resting somewhere for quite some time!

Anyways, the book, I propped it up on the treadmill display and hung my towel over to hold the pages open thinking I'd give it a whirl and try reading it. To my surprise I was able to run and read! And I loved it. I was reading and running and before I knew it my run was finished and so were a couple of chapters!!! I remember a few months ago I couldn't even run at the pace I ran yesterday (which was a slow paced run in my schedule) for 20 minutes without hurting all over and panting like a dog! Not to mention I couldn't focus on anything but the barren white wall in front of me. Feels good to be making this kind of progress!


Boulder Running Company...I went earlier this week and had a Gait Analysis done with my current Asics running shoes. After running several miles in my Asics they really started to bug me underneath the ball of my feet. Watching the video recording of myself running on the treadmill it was obvious I was in the wrong shoe for my running style. They were very helpful at BRC, lightheartedly they called me out..."Did you by chance buy these on clearance?"


Afraid to admit it... I knew better than to go cheap on running shoes, I mean come on Tyler. If your feet aren't properly supported while you go out and pound all your body weight on them for miles and miles, chances are you'll never make it through any training regiment or race for that matter! Back in San Diego I had this same analysis performed at Road Runner and they advised me to buy the Mizuno- Nirvana's. That was like 5 years ago.

Guess what shoe Boulder Running Company suggested?

Yep, Mizuno- Nirvana's!

I was happy to leave feeling like a big girl for ponying up and paying full retail to take care of my feet and give myself at least a strong foundation for training. I was so excited I put 'em on and ran around the parking lot! They've got about 20 miles on them already and feel great.

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  • Pamaw on

    Awesome, you one get one pair of feet per lifespan so it is very important to take good care of them.

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