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Back track...

Baby Lux Business business card hand Misc. Creations! wall letters

A little bit of back blogging to play catch up. I've been so busy with the boys, creating and running that sometimes I have to remember to keep it real. So here you go...a snap shot of my new business card, ear bent from Captain exploration, coffee spillage-often found in my workspace area..., and yes folks I covered up my phone number (last thing I need is crank calls-just kidding!)


Yes, I got mail...Woo Hoo! With design help from Kozy of 2foos I was able to finally replenish my business card stock and update some of the font and card layout. Kozy is the man for all his help!(thank you) We also ordered a custom stamp, that reads "" So I can tag EverythinG going out for sale! Yipee.


latest painting task...wooden shadow letters for the Polkadot storefront window display...


I look like I'm suffering some strange disease...I've had rainbow color polka-dotted hands for the past couple of days now. I ended up free handing all the was way too messy and not the look I was going for with using a stencil.  This project and a trip to the dollar store where I found plastic place mats...inspired me to make some of my own to follow. I've been knee deep in creating. It's been hard to pull away...and bless my husband for dealing with the madness all over the kitchen as my studio workspace has exploded all over the place.

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  • Pamaw on

    So you will do custom letters? How large are the letters? What would be the turnaround time?

  • Lux Wu on

    Yes! I am going to take custom orders from both, Polkadot’s retail space and online through our web store. The letters are approximately 6" tall and are various widths depending on the letter. Letters are hand painted and crafted with ribbon ties in either bows or knots and come ready to hang. The turnaround time will vary depending on the intensity of the design…Please email me for further details! :)

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