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Saturday by Papa's request...finishing strong.. his "birthday week" as he calls it.


I headed to the Denver car show with my boys...Vroom, the Captain says! Funny I still love car shows after all these years, and probably know way too much about cars for being a lady. (thank you Dad, I like that I love cars)


Chad got himself a new camera, sorry a "New Toy" for his B-day (ahaha...I think Chad had a little camera ENVY after our trip to California-my Dad has a more than nice camera set up, and after seeing the pictures of Arlin that my Dad was perfect timing for Papa to have a Birthday!  This is Chad hassling me during a dinner party at our friends, Alex & Lola's place.



Actually it's more like ..."DUDE...take pictures of something else! I Love you....Drive thru please...O.k...Bye Bye!"

(Yes, it's true. When you're married you have your own lingo between one another, and the people that surround you are simply at a loss for words while watching the exchange...but at least we make people laugh.)


LOLA! The fabulous hostess...and Chef de extrodinarire!


With Lola's Argentinean flare, the food.......was Fabulous! Stuffed ravioli with a killer creamy tomato,onion sauce made from scratch. The walnuts as a topper- (I'm going to have to copy this)- it was an awesome compliment to her sauce...Yes, I ate way too much, I even indulged in a piece of cheese cake and a glass of bubbly (champagne)...every thing was super yummy. It's was so nice to spend time with friends after the kiddies went to sleep. Lola even gave us a sneak peek at her latest art- she's painting on the walls at Sengers Bar.

Sunday was busy busy roll to follow...I got a new workspace! I am SO overly excited about this! And lets just say my husband rules.



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