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Comfort in creating...

handmade cards House Fix Misc. Creations! workspace


first hand made card of a series I'll be creating for a donation basket...


live, love & inspire...


mixed media...tissue paper, wire, embroidery thread, watercolor paints & paper, and of course my good ol' sharpie pen.


Drumroll please....My new studio workspace!

I was totally going to wait until I had all my new labeled/color coated boxes perfectly organized in the shelf unit...but that could be like a year from, I won't kill you with suspense any longer.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have my own space to create in the house. It's been long overdue, but this was truly a gift from my hubby- it was his idea for us to move some things and he was pretty much the muscle power moving all our furniture around to make the magic happen.

So, laying in bed about to doze off the other night I came up with what I think is a brilliant idea for more storage space in my art studio. And as of yesterday and today I'm on a mad hunt to find a vintage rolling tool box (the more banged up the better... it adds character) And the best part about a standing/rolling tool box for art supply storage is....that it LOCKS... "Mr. Mischievous", yes, Arlin Jack out of all my goodies! That and it has wide skinny drawers perfect for over sized art paper! I don't care what anybody says...I want a toolbox!

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  • abby jane on

    awesome! so cool can’t wait to come see it in person!

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