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Yard duty...




after a little bit of t.l.c...


A little bit of work...well a lot of work and some scratched up arms...and Ahhhhh that's better.


good riddance lattice. I loathe lattice. Both it's unattractiveness (it looks cheap to me) and boy it's not exactly Colorado weather friendly. I don't remember it looking pretty when we moved in but today out playing with Arlin in the back yard (sorry, I mean the dirt lot) I got a wild hair to pull a few dead thing you know a huge piece of lattice is sagging 4 feet off the top of our neighbors shed...isn't this shed cool? I like it. And our neighbors got married I think in it or just outside of it? But anywho...I think it looks way better with out all the lattice and dead vines...Chad and I went to the library Tuesday and checked out a bunch of books on landscaping. Last night we measured the entire yard...including the flagstone patio area and deck. We need dirt! What we filled the pond in with has settled and is slopping...we need a tomorrow. Arlin Jack and I were filthy dirty after todays playing. Patience, is key here...'cause I'm not about to hire some crazy expensive landscaper...I want to do most the work ourselves.

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