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Personal Best...



This is my personal best...and I'm quite sure I can beat it!

3.1 Miles in 26 minutes and 22 seconds. That's never running anything slower than 6.4 mph.

I'm meeting with the marathon trainer this Saturday to go over my goals, nutrition, work out regiment and to create a 20 week plan for me to achieve this Marathon goal of mine. :) 

I'll let you know how it goes. Happy Friday! Stella and I are off to take the Captain to school so Stella can meet Ferine (little girl Arlin Jack has a crush on) and then off to get some much needed coffee/hot chocolate and to the book store and Boulder Running Company!


  • Pamaw

    Where do you get the energy?

  • michelle allen

    nice job! what’s your marathon goal going to be? how exciting! you are totally inspiring me :)

  • abby jane

    holy snap girl your fast! way to go, you’re unstoppably driven. . . your an inspiration!

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