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candy Easter easter basket Family & Friends Misc. Creations!


The Easter Bunny, She's reporting in early this year....with a massive tummy ache from eating too much candy while preping the Easter baskets....Ughhhhhhhhhh......poor me.


Above; the Larsen "Loot"...


and we have, for little Miss Stella Vita...


overboard? you say?....nah!


although the Easter Bunny definitely had to get creative when trying to squeeze all these goodies in!


and for Arlin Jack...a barrel of FUN!

dsc01471, what exactly do you put in an 18 month old's Easter basket stash? Easter Bunny shot from the hip on this one and loaded Arlin Jack up with some back yard playtime goodies...and fig newtons...cause the Captain thinks they're "cookies!"

O.k. signing off now...I'm going to go drink a gallon of water and hope this stomach ache goes away. Seriously, the candy consumption went something like this; one for me, one for the basket, two for me, one for the basket....catch my drift?


Wishing everyone a hippity- hoppin' Easter!

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  • Pamaw on

    Check the sugar content on fig newtons it is higher than you would think.

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