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Easter was here...

1 Easter


Cheese! Happy Easter Arlin style...


Stella's beauties...check out the eggie on the far right?! it exploded just like that, so I told Stella we'd have to make a "funny" out of it!


dressed and ready for Palmer Sioux to come over and play...


team Woelfel brought us mimosas and we chatted up a storm while enjoying some breakfast burritos (they were yummy!)


We all got presents from California!


even Mama got new custom pajamas...


The Captain is adorable in his new p.j.s!


Dancin' with my man...


I love being silly with him.


& I love givin' kisses to the Captain too!

we danced, we ate candy, we had friends visit us at home, we went to a party later in the was a full Easter, and I was plum tuckered out by the time Stella headed home and Arlin went down after his bath...Chad and I watched a movie, "Flash of a Genius" and snuggled up together. I think we were both fast asleep by 9pm! Poor Chad was up at 5am this morning headed to Texas for business.



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