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Vroom vroom...

Personal sewing machine


Janome 6600 Professional Crafter...

Please take a moment to say hello to my new companion....together we are going to change the world one stitch (or should I say 1,000 stitches a minute!) at a time.

Holy smokes. I am one lucky girl. Thank you Mom for this amazing gift.

I've been talking about wanting to learn how to sew. I have endless ideas for BabyLux that I've always thought if I had the right piece of machinery I'd be in business, not to mention my mom and I are spending pretty pennies on shipping our goodies back and forth through the mail in a "not so friendly" economy.

I was debating getting my old sewing machine (a gift from my granny 15 years ago) serviced and talking to my Mom about my options, when she suggested I just get a new sewing machine, one that's up to date and has the bells and whistles to be capable of crafting my imagination.

So, we were planning on shopping for a sewing machine together when she comes to visit. Sneaky, sneaky...this was a BIG surprise from UPS yesterday!

Watch out world. I might suck at crocheting...but I have an insanely nice sewing machine now, she's computerized...and the fire under my bum has been lit. I am going to make amazing things on this new sewing machine of mine.

Thank you Mom, seriously this is simply an awesome gift I'll have for the rest of my creative years. I feel very lucky. I Love you.

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  • michelle allen on

    okay, this is SO funny! i haven’t looked at your blog for a while and I came to see how your running is going… I just took my ancient sewing machine in last week to get serviced and had your same dilemma. My mom also encouraged me to go ahead and get a new one! That’s pretty funny!

  • abby jane on

    how bout i borrow your old one till my new stores get running and have extra money?!? i’m excited to get creative with you!~

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