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Life is good when it's full. And my life is full right now.

Blog surfing at the wee hours of the morning the other night I was introduced to ShakeItPhoto an application for the i-phone you can download through i-tunes. It lets you take pictures with your i-phone and then ShakeIt! Shake a polaroid picture! OH...I'm in LOVE!!! I must look like an absolute retard at the park chasing Arlin Jack around to snap a picture then shakin' my bacon frantically to see the magic I've captured. Arlin even dances with me while I shake my phone. Kinda funny. You could say I've kinda been obsessed with this little gem of an application since I downloaded it Sunday morning.

Let's see...

I've been yard working like crazy getting ready for all the sunshine.

Reading and Re-reading my sewing machine manual, so happy my Mom's coming Monday to show me the ropes!

We started remodeling Chad's office. We bought a whole new office furniture set up for him. It pretty sharp and yay I get his old desk for my studio and it's black to match the kitchen! I told Chad I'd paint his office a new color to compliment his new furniture...and so I was up painting till 12:30 am last night talking to Hans on skype from Iraq...good to hear his voice and that he is out of harms way and seeing lots of cool stuff. 

We bought a shed for the we just need to build it.

Running. I've been doing lots of running......kicking butt and taking names! Toot toot! (that's my horn can you hear it?) I'm proud of myself. I'm following the trainers tips for an intro program prepping for my half marathon coming up and so far I have exceeded each goal/pace time. I'm V-E-R-Y anxious to race.  *Monday I ran 6.6 miles in 60:00 minutes (that's 9 minute miles) Today I did a threshold exercise 4 x 5minute @ 8:34 mile pace 90 seconds rest in betweeen...completing threshold runs helps my marathon trainer continue to make the appropriate changes to my 22 week plan (to train for the Boulder Marathon) to push me. I'm just excited to see where my willpower and body take me...cause I know 8:34 is not my threshold, I can do better than that.


  • abby jane

    yey! i love those pictures how freaking cool. it’s getting harder and harder not to jump on the iphone ban wagon! i can’t wait until i’m done with papers and presentaions and can get onto the good stuff!

  • michelle allen

    your pics are great! and your running is so inspiring me! sounds like you have a good coach and you’re going to be able to kick some booty!

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