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Green Thumb peanuts


First couple peanut shells I found in the front yard while gardening (actually let me rephrase that...while slaving away on the landscaping- providing a much needed facelift for Spring (I have raw hands to prove this slaving)

Anyways...I figured the squirrels were responsible for the peanut shell littering. But the deeper I dig I am finding hundreds of peanut shells everywhere. Both sides of the yard, side of the house and in the front planters....

I'm perplexed (ya' I often am)

But seriously why am I finding peanut shells everywhere? 

Are the squirrels peanut-ing my house? Hmmmm...

Are the peanut shells some sort of mysterious "soil-aid" left from the previous house owners? that my green thumb is not privy to?

I dunno maybe they're used to be a circus on our property eons ago...although highly unlikely...I must admit I thought about every possibility for there to be peanut shells in my yard...each time I chucked another one into the weed bin today I become a little bit more annoyed.

Running...I'm working on dropping my 5k time down. I ran 2 miles today in 16:00 minutes exact, now I just gotta add on another 1.1!!!... I also did some hill interval training (ouchie) Me NO like-y hills, but the trainer says it's wise now to start adapting to them now because there are plenty of rolling hills in the Boulder Marathon.

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  • abby jane on

    my old house had peanuts everywhere too. i was as perplexed as you. i couldn’t tell if they were growing or had been hidden. i thought they were growing, they do grow underground, but i am no expert and i lost that ol’ house in the divorce that wasn’t a divorce so. . . it’s weird.

    next week we gotta get together! oh well i guess i’ll see you friday?! to watch mr. palmer. i might ditch that class again cuz class was canceled today! so i can still miss 1!


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