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happy monday...not...well almost

monday Personal

Good news first.

Ran Saturday. Sloans Lake loop x4= 11.6 miles in 1:34:00 that's average 8:06 minute miles. awww yeah. felt great even though it was a cold run. I found a little place to stash my energy gel and water right at the corner bend and each lap I refueled and tossed.

Today ran a recovery run 5 miles in 45:53 minutes (average 9:10 minute miles) 

Today was a busy morning, quick trip to the gym after dropping Arlin off to school. Then back home to do laundry and shower, pick Arlin up from school, ran some errands put him down for a nap and Boom it was time to pick up Pamaw from the airport.

O.k. ready for the bad news?

I have exactly ten minutes to pack the Captain a lunch for the  road, wake him up and load him in the car...but wait I forgot to put a new trash bag in the canister, open the kitchen sink cabinets and splashed with water....what!?

ARRRggghhh! Massive kitchen sink flood problem-o'... many  soaked towels later and a total scuffed up left arm from losing my balance going down into the cellar looking for a large save me bucket... I started singing...I'm late, I'm late...for a very important date!

Wake up Arlin Jack! Grab his lunch and jump into the car. & Zoom zoom...YEP...

Nailed! Speeding ticket on I-70. (Cop was a total jerk) I sat on the side of the road unleashing crocodile tears of frustration.

I seriously want to sell my car and ride a bicycle everywhere.

Tomorrow is a new day, and a hair appointment! 7 weeks out on color yikes! Yes, I have grey hairs (Shhh.) But my hair has grown like crazy, can't wait to see it long again.


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  • abby jane on

    ugh! that sucks, but good job on the run. i heard a story yesterday on NPR about a guy who ran a 50 mile run. i can’t find it though, it was pretty cool. and also on the BBC these people who got married in the middle of a marathon.

    i was thinking about selling my car too, grocery shopping would be hard though. tell your mom HI! see you Friday?!?

    think about detroit cobras on the 13th!

  • michelle allen on

    bummer about the speeding ticket but amazing run! you are FAST girl! good job :)

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