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I know tragedy can happen almost anywhere. But when it strikes in your neighborhood, only a block and half away it's a reality check. I feel small sometimes in this world...and since Saturday morning a little sad.

7-Eleven clerk aka as Nathaniel was shot dead at 3:30 in the am Saturday morning. Police say a white male in his 30's walked in with a rifle! and murdered the Ethiopian clerk, 27 years old who had worked at this 7 Eleven store for the last five years. It's been reported not to have been an attempted robbery but a hate crime?

I just don't understand. Why? Why would someone do such a thing?

Monday morning there were bundles of different flowers and ribbons tied around the lamp post in front of the 7-Eleven. Today, this morning, they're gone? I was doing yard work in the front this afternoon and a neighbor  who lives only a couple houses away from the store was walking her dog, she said the store re-opened within a few hours of the incident?! As soon as the other employees got the store cleaned up. Ugh. I just feel like it's been swept under the rug by the store. Somebody died, for heaven sake...the neighborhood is sadden by this, why take down the flowers out front?

The whole thing has my mind jarred. I'm a mom to a son. A son was killed, and someone's son took another life. I'm not the only mother sadden by this cruel event.

I used to visit this 7-Eleven few times a week. If I ran out of milk, needed a chocolate or a diet pepsi fix....scratch-off tickets, sweets for Stella...strange enough my Mom, Arlin and I were in there Friday late afternoon because I needed foil and didn't want to get in the car and drive to the grocery store. The clerk who's now gone was there working when we were there... and poof just like that I'll never see him again.

I don't know when my mind will rest. I find it very disturbing.

I know I'm very behind on blogging...but that's just it, my mind feels behind. My Mom left Monday morning, which is something else to make me sad...I wish she lived closer or we lived closer to her.

Our backyard was done Saturday, pictures to follow....I'm working overtime to get the flagstone walk way done. But we have grass!

Running...Yes, I'm still running, missed a few days last week with all the sewing lessons and what not :) Last week, per trainer's request I bumped up my threshold hold run...4 x 5 minute intervals at 7:34 minute mile pace with 60 second rest instead of 90 second rest, it felt great, burned but I can push that time for sure. Today I ran 5 miles in 42 minutes and another mile at a steady pace on incline... I'm running outside tomorrow the weather is suppose to be fantastic.

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  • Wendy on

    I visit this 7-Eleven often as well, living just a few blocks away. I walked by the day of the murder, but there was so little hubbub that I figured it couldn’t have been anything that big. Thank you for filling me in on what actually happened. How sad for our community.

    And thanks for the great “i dig chicks” onesie. My lesbian mom friends will love it! I’m considering having you put one on a t-shirt for me!

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