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Capy-tain and Sunshine...

House Fix Personal Running


Come on Arlin lets run through the was hot and seemed like fun.


with one foot took a little coaxing.


and we're off!


omg! We're getting W-A-Y more wet than I thought we would!


Come on Arlin we're almost there!


the spin around...we had to make a quick return.


the drag...


the trip (or sit down, not sure which)


Mama saving the Captain of the sinking ship...


Up and over matey...


Alive and well......and V-E-R-Y wet!

When my spirit is down it's never short of amazing just what the Captain can do for me. I am a very lucky woman to have such a handsome lad to call my own. The Captain is full of life...and sharing it with him in the sunshine and our new (in the works) backyard today is just what I needed. 

Running update: proud to say I think I've found my personal threshold (well for now anyways ;))...I bumped up again my pace time for my speed threshold interval run. 4 x 5 minutes at 7:30 minute mile pace with 60 second rest. Yah, this pace got my goat...I was steady for the first 2 reps and on the last rep I was panting like a dog and seeing stars. But I can see why this part of training works...because after a couple weeks of these interval sessions in the mix of my weekly runs seem difficult to run at anything slower than body naturally wants to run faster.

I am meeting a group of woman aka the Colorado Columbines Women Running Club this Saturday morning for a "fun run". An opportunity to meet woman in my area who have run marathon(s) or are currently training. I'm open to whatever it brings me. Hopefully a few women I can run my long distance runs with.


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  • abby jane on

    wow the yard looks amazing! looking forward to seeing it and hope you find a good running buddy!

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