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Chinese Choppin'

Have I told you lately I make a mean Chinese Chicken Salad? (Of course I owe this to my wonderful mother)


  • healthy portion of organic spring mixed greens
  • chicken breast boiled and shredded
  • water chestnuts sliced
  • fresh bean sprouts
  • celery (2 stalks)
  • white onion (lot's on my plate- and yes my husband still loves me)
  • chinese crunchy noodles (optional for you carb natzee's)
  • as for the dressing; sorry it's top secret. If I gave you the recipe I'd have to end up hurting you, and we both don't want that. But when I'm in a hurry which is more often than not I use Newman's Sesame Ginger it's low fat (1.5grams!) and honestly tastes great...(almost as good as my mom's top secret whipped from scratch dressing)

Running; Today I ran 6 miles in 51 minutes (with some hills) and then did a major kick butt upper body work-out...dips, curls and all that fancy stuff. I had to run out tonight and pick up some GU energy gels for my long run tomorrow. So, I headed  to Runner's Roost they gave me a free GU chomp pack to try out, never had them (I'll let you know) And I was also lucky enough to score a new Asics tank that I can put my i-phone in the back, which is a very good thing considering I drown my last i-phone in a pool of sweat by wearing it in the side my sports bra........shhhhh, don't tell my husband, he thinks it randomly stopped working one day, even after asking me why it look like it had a salt bath or been dipped in the ocean (thank goodness for warranties!)

Wish me luck on my run tomorrow 12 plus miles Oh, and meeting CCRC women.

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  • Pamaw

    You go girl! You are truly an inspiration to us less motivated people.

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