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Morton Who?

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Seriously...who invited this swell guy "Morton's Neuroma" to my Mothers Day parade......cause I'd like to punch them in the mouth right about now. Wow-did I just say that?!

I spent the first wee hours of my Mothers Day in Urgent Care this morning. In greater pain than I was in yesterday when I got home from my run with the Columbine Colorado Womens Running Club.

It was pathetic. O.k. let me rephrase that (sorry-you'll have to bear with me I'm in a pickle of a mood because of this mess I'm in) I met the runners club at about 7:50 AM Saturday for their fun run, for a chance to meet some of the women, ask them questions and get insight about their activities, track times, weekly runs etc. and overall to see if I was interested in joining their club. We left for a 7 mile run from Sandra's home near Wash Park. I figured once we finished I would head over to the park and tack on a few more miles (like 6 more) and call it a day...

Little did I know I was about to experience a mini melt down. An unexplainable pain, and pure embarrassment that my body or should I say my FOOT totally bailed on me when I needed it!

I ran the first 5 miles chatting up a storm with each member. We ran like a swarm of bumble bees through the streets of Observatory Park and over to Denver University, almost every member made a point to run along the side of me and chat trying to get to know me, and share a bit about themselves...they are a very nice group of gals. :)

At about mile 6 we hit the back side of Wash Park and all the sudden out of no where I was cramping under the ball of my left foot. It was a dull achy feeling at first, something I thought if I just focused I'd be able to shake it off. Then it was pounding. Another 1/2 mile and it was piercing. Shortly after that I was missing bits and pieces of the conversation around me...what do I say? I thought to myself. What the heck is happening to me??? I muttered to the woman next to me..."Um...I feel like my foot is broken?!"

I ran afraid to stop- for fear my foot was going to fall off. I prolly was running at an 11 minute mile pace........What is going on!?? I starting walking...then hunched over hobbling. I was so embarrassed. I show up to meet a group, to run only 7 miles and my foot just breaks out of no where!? I don't understand. Once in front of Sandra's house I unlaced, I had to... it felt like my foot was going to explode right out of my shoe- it was swollen and so tender by my toes I felt nauseated. I thanked everyone and excused myself, telling Sandra I'd email her about a run Tuesday morning if my foot was better. 

I came home with my tail in between my legs. And I limped around all afternoon. We couldn't patio furniture shop like we planned. We tried but as the hours passed my foot became unbearable. I went to bed early praying it might just go away.

I woke up this morning in disbelief, my left foot was discolored and puffy and I couldn't put any weight on it at all. Chad loaded Arlin Jack, Stella and I into the car and drove to an Urgent Care. 3 X-rays later, some paper work and two referrals to local podiatrists I was sent home with these gems...

crutchesWow. Really?

"Do I return these when I'm finished with them?" I asked. (I've never had crutches before) Nurse says; "No, they're yours to keep! You can paint em' pink, or sticker em' up, but please use them!"

Let's just say...Epic fail. I'm 86'ing Morton from my par-tay. Nobody is enjoying his company 'round here anyways. I'm crossing every finger and toe (that I can) that this is a going to be a simple mess to unravel. And while wiping my tears off my face I am trying to maintain all hopes that I'll be able make a recovery in time to safely run both my races...send me good thoughts, please!

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  • abby jane on

    oh no!!!! so what did they tell you to do for treatment? what a huge bummer. . . after the swelling goes down get some massage! i took a continuing education class about nerve compressions, i’ll go through my material and see what i got that might help.

    I got sarah and joel to watch palmer this week fyi.

    feel better, let’s hang wed or thurs if you can!

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