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A little zen...

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Acupuncture and Health Sign

Maybe it's just what I needed. A little Chinese medicine...

I took a trip early this morning to visit my Chiropractor, Rebecca Heidelberger who owns Pura Vida on S. Pearl Street. She knows me by now, that if I call it's because I'm in pain. I've gotten away from my good habits and routinely visits. Geez, she used to adjust me once a week throughout my pregnancy. You'd think I'd keep some kind of regular schedule with her while training for a marathon?! Or not. Well, after today's visit I promised her and myself that I will see her at least once if not twice a month.

I hobbled into her office on the dumb stinky crutches (they smell like a rubber factory or like new cheap shoes...ha like I know what either of those smell like) Anyways, we got into the nitty-gritty details and I described to her all my ailments and what the urgent care Dr. communicated to me while diagnosing my x-rays.  Dr. Rebecca after poking around at my foot and walking me through a MUCH needed full body adjustment basically agreed it was most definitely a nerve in my foot bugging me and the position of the isolated swelling was indeed a sign of a Morton's Neuroma. An irritation often triggered by excessive amounts of repetitive motion, ie.) being a "runner"

The good news is. I couldn't walk into her office this morning, nor could I handle her touching the sensitive spot on my foot other than sticking in the acupuncture needles. When I left I could apply a bit of pressure on my foot without gasping for help. And Dr. Rebecca was able to massage it without me getting violent.

By late this afternoon. I was walking (kinda funny) but without the dumb crutches.

I have hope. I'm going to stay positive. I have to get better, not just for running but for Arlin is it hard to take care of him like I normally do with a dead foot!


My left foot taped up after the acupuncture treatment. I had ten needles in my foot on different pressure points...Wow, they were tender! But I was willing, willing to do anything for a stab at pain relief. Notice the swelling? My sausage toes, puffy tops and my cankle?! 

Not for long. I'm going to take one day at a time...and get some rest. I'm taking this hiccup as a sign from the creative gods to get back in my groove and realign myself with my long lost creative spirit and at last finish some of my started projects that are piling up in my studio! I just finished another custom onesie for a preemie baby boy just born!

Oh, and here is a sneak peek at my first finished baby blanket (yes, I'm a...BIG kid Now! I made this all by myself!)



Chad doesn't want me to sell this one...he wants it for himself....ha.

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  • michelle allen on

    bummer! big Bummer bout your foot. i’ll be praying for you! i feel your pain and frustration. injuries SUCK!

    great blanket tho. super cute!

    and how wonderful to have a women’s running club to join.

  • abby jane on

    yey for self care! love the blanket too good job!

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