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Crafty bubbles...

bath mitts Misc. Creations! sewing


bath time buddy.


I made his ears with two contrasting fabrics and batting in the middle for some girth.


Am I bored? You ask.........Nah....not me.

Ugh, I just wanna run! My mind is running somewhere. But I suppose ice packs and bath time buddies will have to do for now. Although, I did manage to get a tennis shoe on today. And kissed the stinky crutches goodbye. They stink, and they hurt my armpits bad...real bad, they gave me bruises. That and Arlin Jack is about whack everything off the walls with them, they're dangerous and not for 19 month old wannabe sword fighters.

I have another acupuncture treatment in the morning with Dr. Rebecca. Zen...and all those good thoughts, thank you!

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