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Crafty Catch-up...

Little behind on the blog-a-roo-ing... so here's the low down on my last couple of days!


Our adorable next door neighbor Miss Ruby gave "Mr. Chad" this humming bird for 10 days to keep and take good care of...but only 10 days...


Chad said we had to do something cool, like buy the humming bird a house...but you know 'round here it had to be crafted some way or another...just a little bit.


I started painting and couldn't stop. It was totally fun.


I used funky colors that made no sense at all but it turned out pretty cute.


Another project started, a teddy bear. pictures to follow... the body and all parts are sewn. I had to go get some large buttons and poly-filling to stuff him and attach the limbs...


Handsome and domesticated, my hubby. Literally I have to admit I was having troubles figuring out how to insert the soles of the bears paws into the legs and cyberpunk Chad totally figured it out. (ya, we're a lively bunch- crafting on a Friday night!)


finished another baby quilt...


I'm a little obsessed with owls right now. I saw this fabric when out shopping with my mom and HAD to have it. On a side note...I happened to notice the other night while trying to organize my workspace to be a little more user friendly, that my entire fabric stash right now is geared towards baby girls??? hmm....I wonder what that means!? ;)


more bath time buddies! Mr. Frog say hello to Mrs. Ladybug...

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