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family fun...

family Family & Friends Friends salvadors birthday weekend fun


My cheesy face when you ask me to pose for the camera.

Sunday was Salvador's 1st Birthday party. We went to their house for a barbeque with lots of friends, food and drinks...


My teething monster...notice the fist in the mouth, he has been gnawing on everything!


Lola! (Salvador's mama) and I...


The Captain debating the plunge!


I was on standby wiping yuck-ies out of the mouth lord only knows how not clean that pool water was. f.y.i. the Captain needs new swim trunks...I could barely manage to get these over the belly!


And last but not least the cutest darn one year old! Happy B-day Sal!

I'll post pictures of Salvador's birthday present as soon as I can get Chad to upload them, they're on his phone... I totally spaced and gift wrapped them up before snapping some pictures, so I'll I got were i-phone pictures when Lola opened it. But I made custom beach towel with his name freehand appliqued, bath mitt  with a tiki applique I created and a wash stuff.

I think I'm submerged in my creative element right now, which is exactly what I need to walk me through this injury of mine. I went to a podiatrist yesterday and had another round of x-rays taken. I should be so lucky to hear I do not have a Morton's Neuroma but rather a stress fracture. I will be going through a series of taped foot wraps relieving the pressure on my two bones and then custom sizing for orthotics. (Oh, and rest from running :() My foot Dr. used to work solely (ha, that's funny) for the Denver Bronco's, I'm trusting his words...I may miss my 1/2 marathon June 14th but I'll be roaring to go for Boulder. Wish me a speedy recovery...I've been meditating and gardening like crazy but I NEED to run, I seriously feel like I'm having with drawl symptoms!

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  • michelle allen on

    I’m so sorry to hear about your foot. What a bummer!!!
    I’ll be praying for quick healing so you can get back out on the road! At least you have lot’s of other fun things to keep you busy :) the garden, a new sewing machine and a darling son.

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