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custom apron Misc. Creations!


latest creation! 


the bust. buttons are oversized for fun not functionality.


quad pocket...3 large pockets and a pen pocket!


experimenting with my machines different stitches...


the inside is even fancy...self lined for durability and of course show...


I lined the entire apron with red and white polka-dot fabric...'cause i heart polka-dots and bright colors at the moment.

Hard to take pictures of something without a mummy model...and I didn't feel like taking a self portrait ;) This is one of two aprons I promised Mrs. Lindsay (Arlin Jack's Montessori teacher) for her and her assistant Zoe to wear in class. I hope I didn't go too loud with the design, print and colors.  This apron was completely shot from the hip, made the pattern for it as I went and changed my mind a few times too.

I have the other apron cut out and the ties sewn it's a whole 'nother kinda funKY! 

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