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go green...

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still can't get enough green.


I just might know people by name at both Home Depot and Lowes.


I need a manicure bad! But like that will ever happen, my poor hands. In fact there's been so much yard working goin' on round here I took the croc plunge. I know, I know....I said I'd NEVER do it. 'Cause I do think they're a little silly looking and beyond a Colorado tree hugger stamp but, I'm tired of muddy-ing up every darn pair of shoes I own.


there. I'm admitting it right here. I own these ugly mits! (ha, they do hose off quite nicely though...)


our front planter before...


almost done...We've needed to fix these front two planters for a long time. Actually I should say "I", I'm the gardener around here ;) Anyways, we get a lot of traffic on the weekends due to Sushi Den, so I thought of adding a 18" flagstone border so people would have some place to get out of there car and not trample on any landscaping, we've already had a handful of different plants and bark get washed away with the I tried planning this round...I laid weed killer, a weed retardant fabric, bordered the entire planter with river rock boulders and used lawn edging to border the planter and little flagstone path, now I just need to lay some pea gravel in between the flagstone pieces after I level em' all...We've gotten rained on madly the past two days, we'll see how well it all holds up! 

Saying a prayer for our neighbor Ken tonight. He's got a boo boo and we miss seeing him!

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  • abby jane on

    i have birkenstock clogs. . . you gotta have gardening clogs it’s a necessary evil!

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