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the BooT!

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It's true. I got the boot.

Looks like I have to (whether I like it or not) take a chill pill now. I went to the podiatrist again today with a handful of different shoes to walk/trot/run/hobble, more or less "gimp it" as Chad calls it, on their treadmill for an evaluation. All shoes failed except my Dansko's, go figure.

While examining my left foot they teased-slightly accusing me of working out with my foot taped up-which at this point is against rules, I'm suppose to be "resting", taking it easy if you will.  Nurse said my foot looked like a shriveled raisin, which meant I was perspiring more than I should or should at all!! Oops.

I denied emphatically working out...."Um, but, ah...I might have done some landscaping doctor, yah, I did. But I promise no trips to the gym."

Right at this point he reached for my foot and with a slight jump because it's still swollen and tender on the top boney part of my foot, he turned to the nurse and said..."Get her the boot."

*insert* bad drum roll here* Doooom Doom DOom

The Boot?! NoooOO!!

So there it is. I've said all along that this injury was to teach me something, like maybe respecting the limitations of my body during training, well...looks like I wasn't fully embracing the whole "rest" part of rehabilitation. Loud and clear today I heard, if you are not mindful of resting your foot and allowing it time to heal you won't be running your Marathon in September.

screeech.....RRRrrrrr! Uh? like nails on chalk board...I got it, thanks Doc.


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  • abby jane on

    awe sucky! that’s a pain! tomorrow i’m meeting up with navie at 3 at whole foods wash park, maybe setting up my massage dream space there. maybe i can swing by after? or you can come tell me what you think of my furnature finds (on sale at american furnature warehouse and world market?!) let me know!

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